Ontario Trackers club

October 2000 Meeting

at Mike & Marcia's
(Photos by David Browne)


We gathered at Mike and Marcia's place near Hillsburgh for the weekend.

On Saturday we went for a walk in Mono Cliffs Provincial Park.  It was a beautiful fall day, bright and sunny.
Some of us had fun with milkweed and other kinds of fluffy seeds....  This is Autumn-Willow.
A beautiful marsh that we passed by had beaver sign.
Along the way we stopped and attempted to identify as many plants as we we able to.

Each of us shared what knowledge we had.

Lively discussions sometimes ensued over differing ideas of what a particular plant was!


Felicia inside a friendly tree.
Marcia and Sequoia.
Still in Mono Cliffs, a Northern Red Belly snake that an aware Tracker found.
Another plant discussion.
Marcia greeting an elder beech tree.
Felicia, Sequoia, Autumn-Willow and Kali, in an open-to-the-sky debris hut.
One of the leaf-covered trails we walked upon.
The whole gang, except Mike, who's taking the picture.
We found what some at first thought to be a large ant.

However, later research showed it to be a blister beetle.


Is this the infamous "library crowd" (those who study nature but rarely go out in it)???

No, it's us doing research, trying to identify the plants we couldn't figure out in the field.

Even then, there were some we couldn't identify.


Autumn-Willow (lower left in the picture) celebrated her birthday this weekend!
Saturday evening we practiced some awareness exercises, and Sunday we went for another walk.
Who's been screwing around with the gravity???

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