Ontario Trackers club

February 2000 Meeting

at David & Kathy's
(Photos by David Browne)


    The February Tracker Weekend at Kathy & David Browne's was great fun! There was about 8 inches of snow with temperatures cold enough to keep the snow light and fluffy yet still enjoyable for staying outdoors.
    Walter Muma, Peter Wiinholt and two of Peter's Youth Group members, James and Chris, arrived on Friday night. We had a relaxing evening of conversation and listening to some CD recordings of ancient chanting and throat type singing.
    We were up with the birds on Saturday morning. Most of us went out and lay in the snow and put sunflower seeds in our hands to feed the Chickadees. We lay motionless in the snow for about 45 minutes. Although the Chickadees only approached one person, it was a very relaxing way to start the day. We went back inside to warm up and have breakfast.
    It was such a beautiful sunny morning, Kathy decided that a walk was in order. So, the gang went off for about an hour of tromping through the snow, following fox, squirrel and rabbit tracks.
    Kim & Eric Saunders and their four girls, Felicia, Sequoia, Autumn-Willow and Kali arrived just after noon. After greetings and hugs were exchanged, it was lunch time.
    After lunch, Mike Pedde and Marcia Nelson joined us and we all went out for a walk to find some tracks in the bush. We then did the "Become the Animal" exercise. By following a set of tracks, one can learn many things about an animal. We were very fortunate to find a track that led us to the animal. We followed this very wide trench with visible foot placements back to a tree. About 3 metres up the tree we could see a Porcupine through a small hole in the tree. This was really awesome!
    Also, during this outing, Marcia taught us how to pick cedar for ceremonial use. The cedar was picked for our Sunrise Ceremony to come on Sunday morning.

Running around the house in the snow!

At some point we enjoyed the luxury of the hot tub, making it "Tracker-style" by challenging each other to run around the house in the snow.  The younger ones were certainly up to the challenge!!

Lying in the snow !!

In the snow!!

"I think this is supposed to be fun -- or something!"

    Later on Alis Kennedy arrived. We were all excited to hear about her recent trip to Africa.
    We had planned to have a Sweat Lodge but decided instead to have a Healing Session. We began with some Drumming to help us focus our healing thoughts and energies. We then did several healings and concluded with a group consciousness healing meditation. It was a very powerful and rewarding evening.
    Sunday began with a Sunrise Ceremony at 6:30 a.m. The ceremony, which was presented by Mike Pedde, lasted about 90 minutes and yet it only felt like half an hour. It was a very nice way to start the day. Special thanks to Mike and Marcia for honouring us with such a wonderful experience.

The gang


    We had Breakfast then sat around relaxing and enjoying each others company. The Saunders' girls were dancing about so some music was put on so they could really dance. I'll bet that this was the first Tracker gathering where the Macarena and the Twist were danced! It was good fun!
    Late Sunday morning we got all dressed up in our winter garb and went outside for a blindfold string walk. It started to snow just as we began which added a new dimension to this sightless activity. It took about an hour to complete the stringwalk and then it was back inside for some lunch.
    Lunch was great. It was a typical Tracker Pot Luck with a little of everything. Thanks to everyone for bringing food for sharing. A special thanks to Kim for her awesome Chili which was devoured on Saturday night.
    After lunch everyone packed up and organized for their departure. It was great to see everyone and to share with each other. Until next time...all good medicine!

Report by David Browne


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